Smashing Brand Image

Looking to build a smashing brand image?
smashing brand image
Building a smashing brand image.
As marketing types, we confess to having a visual bias when it comes to an expression of a brand’s story. We tend to experience a brand primarily through our eyes, by watching how it draws us into its world.  And when we employ creative branding with a client project, one of our first steps is to create a book of selected pictures and graphics that create a feeling of the brand’s character.
How to focus on customer.
The next step though is the expression of the brand through words. The message, we feel, is just as crucial and maybe more so.
Why are brand stories and brand messages so important?  Simply because your website, your brochures, your advertising and social media are all opportunities to draw customers into your brand world.  They represent your ability to influence how people see you, feel about you, and talk to others about you.  The words you use, then, should reflect who you are and what makes you distinctive.
And it is not rocket science. Take something as elementary as how you describe your customers. Marriott calls them guests.  Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters Tournament is played, insists on calling them, patrons. Most professional firms use the word ‘clients.’
The decision to use those terms is the first step on the way to creating a corporate story that differentiates and distinguishes. It’s just that most companies never take the next step and end up sounding like every other company in their communications.