Proposition Examples … 6 Awesome FiOS Value Statements

Stop interrupting what people are interested in, and be what people are interested in. Just thinking what it would take to illustrate your value propositions in a way that captures and holds the attention of your audience is difficult, isn’t it? Almost regardless of whom you are or what you do, you have competitors that seem to do it better. The market leaders. And if you have no competitive advantages, no understanding of the secrets of unique selling propositions (USP’s), you will really have a hard time with great FiOS proposition examples.


Value propositions are of high interest to customers, more than many even realize. We have written a lot about USP’s and value propositions. They are really the key to being on top of the competition pile, aren’t they?


Before we continue, let me ask you a question. 

What works best for value proposition design in your business? We would love to hear what it was. Would you do us a favor and post it in the comments section below? Be the one who starts a conversation.

With the advent of the Internet, the number of marketing options available to both budding and experienced entrepreneurs has become staggering.


To create a strong value proposition that truly differentiates your business, consider the following:


There are two ways to win in a competitive market:

Achieve sustainable lower cost (and therefore price) than your competition for the same products and services (very difficult)

Deliver more value, despite equal or higher price


A business is a value delivery system. Do you know the ‘value experiences’ your business delivers? Do you know your targeted customer segments?

The heart of a winning Value Proposition is the end-result experiences of value a business intends to deliver to its target customer segments. It needs to be articulated for the customer value end state … not for your product, service, or business process.

Be your customers … study and creatively infer value by observing/learning from what they do.

Do your claims surpass the value alternatives in the marketplace? Do your customers believe your claims? Does your value differentiate you in the customers’ eyes?

Can you validate and deliver your value proposition?

Is it sustainable, at least in the near term?

Is it simple, clear, and specific?

When your customers have customers, different value propositions are required for different players in the value delivery chain.

Every business has a value proposition … either implied or explicit. Implied value propositions usually mean little to no discrimination versus your competition. NOT a good business proposition!


We like to examine different advertisements as components of corporate marketing strategy and the use of the power of persuasion.


See: Some Great Story and Storytelling Examples to Study


We recently viewed this FiOS value proposition examples  that caught our eye for several reasons we will discuss. An effective TV ad that combined traditional advertising with emphasis on creative employment of value propositions and emotion with a little humor thrown in on the side. Something you don’t see very often.


Marketing or advertising, you need to create information that your customers find interesting and worth talking about and remembering. At the end of this article, please comment on whether this advertisement achieves this goal for you. Let this community know what you think.


Have you seen the FiOS commercial that illustrates their secrets?  If not, check it out here.


They do the best job of illustrating value propositions we have ever seen.


Proposition examples … the FiOS difference

Unlike many other similar TV and Internet services, FiOS from Frontier Communications is built on a state-of-the-art, fiber-optic network. This advanced network delivers High-Speed Internet, digital TV, and digital phone straight to your home. Since Frontier provides a direct fiber connection to your home, you will get a sharper HD picture, faster and more reliable Internet, and a clearer phone connection with no dropped calls.


And when you bundle all three services together, you will see firsthand the power, reliability and speed. But this description is all about the technology. That is the means and not what customers are usually interested in. They are much more interested in the ends. It is where the customer can see and feel the capabilities. The capabilities that enables the value propositions that are displayed in the commercial.


When you have value propositions as good as those of FiOS, you make a big deal about them, as FiOS has done. There are 5 critical reasons this commercial works so well:


Proposition examples  logic … define your positioning

The frame of reference of the information in the commercial.  In the case of the FiOS commercial, no one else in the industry has these capabilities Frontier is using for its value propositions. So FiOS subtly makes this point without naming their competitors. A good move we believe.


grabbing attention
Grabbing attention.

Grabbing attention

Interesting information, well presented, showing emotion, always holds attention, yes?  Keep in mind that people don’t watch ads … they watch what interests them. Your ad messages must be interesting to your target communities.


This message certainly grabs and holds attention based on emotion, superb visuals, and great value propositions. Letting the visuals be the best influencer. People will watch, remember and most likely talk about, won’t they?


Strong value propositions

If you have a product that truly discriminates you from your competition, build your story and messages on these discriminators.  Several of the most effective value propositions we have seen in a while are shared in these 30 seconds.


As the child tries to do things with his TV, his uncle has to tell him that those things don’t exist with their system. But they obviously do in the system the little boy is familiar with at home. It’s just that the uncle is not aware that they exist, since his system doesn’t have them. Don’t need to say much as the visuals do much of the talking. Powerful.


Proposition examples sentences … relevant to target market

Keep in mind that one message does not fit all. It starts with knowing your target market. Here the target markets are the young, with high interest in new technology. The young child in the commercial is a good representative of the target audience. Certainly very relevant and a good strategy for characters use in the ad.


Sample value proposition statements
Sample value proposition statements.

Influence and persuasion

There is no better means of influence or the power of persuasion than emotion. Hands down the best, in our opinion. This commercial focuses on emotional appeal in grand fashion with the cool interaction and personalities of the uncle and nephew. It is one secret of this commercial’s success. The focus of the value propositions helps to create emotional support, don’t they?



Both the power of persuasion and excellence are certainly important to making successful advertisements. The FiOS marketing strategy certainly has figured this out.




Remember, stop interrupting what people interested in, and be what people are interested in.


We believe the FiOS marketing strategy is a big winner. Simple, yet interesting. Not selling. What do you think?


Does this commercial persuade you to try this product?




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Proposition Examples … 6 Awesome FiOS Value Statements