Favorite Twitter Tools to Enhance Performance and Productivity

Do you explore and test a lot of new tools on a consistent basis? Perhaps you are a tool addict like me? I am always on the lookout for simple ones that make the biggest difference on social media. This article will discuss my favorite twitter tools.

Favorite Twitter tools
Favorite Twitter tools.

Through much experience, I have often found this passion can be a disability regarding the time required.


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 9 out of 10 marketers are using content marketing. While more marketers are shifting their content creation efforts in-house, at the same time, they state producing enough quality content is their biggest challenge. And that does create a time drain also.


Marketers certainly need to focus less on producing more content and turn their attentions towards providing better quality in their content promotion. And, while content marketing is more than just tools and needs a solid strategy to be successful, there are a plethora of tools out there that can make the job of promoting content easier.


Want to learn more about the best twitter tools?


The one tool that will do my job for me. Seriously. I know that it doesn’t exist, but I am always on the lookout, and when I am blocked on a project, I play in the app/tool store. I waste time.


Hunting for the best tools is the game, the addictive kind that robs from my productivity. In the end, I would be better off just writing, mustering up a bit of self-discipline.


When I look for helpful, time-saving tools, I often grab ones that make a difference in one or more of these areas. It’s how I got started with Buffer’s sharing app, and it’s how I’ve tested tools in the past.


Each of the time-saving social media Twitter productivity tools I’ve highlighted below are ones I have found most useful. Especially the free ones. Here’s hoping that they can unlock some spare time for you.


Criteria for best tools performance

An awesome tool strikes a subtle balance that makes you happy but does not waste your time. I have found, in my wandering, criteria for measuring the quality of an app for bloggers. I review the apps to see if they are:



The best tools allow you to focus on and spend more time in your content world, writing. Your value as a blogger is your ability to string together words that communicate effectively, and being in a flow state produces your social media. The best apps do not interfere with your flow in engagement but facilitate it.



The best tools produce, adding to your skills and abilities without overpowering.  One job as a blogger is to create quality community engagement, so the best ones should add to and accent your work. Many tools can be productivity black holes, and you need someone with experience to help you locate the best.


best free twitter tools
Best free twitter tools.


While producing and managing your excellent content, the best tools also need to be effective. They work hard, fast, and accurately. You don’t have to waste time waiting for the device to work or on trying to fix it. Efficient tools augment your flow in writing.


I expect a lot of my priority tools, and you should too.  Your time is your most valuable asset. All of the tools that I share with you here meet the three criteria for a great tool. You can make your social media more powerful by using these tools.


I have used the Twitter platform for the last 6+ years. Here are my favorite tools. Some I have used from the beginning, some only recently.


Favorite Twitter Tools … RiteTag

RiteTag is a hashtag tool that allows you to view statistics on hashtags to find the best ones for each post. With the free account, you can connect one Facebook and Twitter account, while the paid accounts allow you to connect multiple accounts.


After you install the browser plugin, go to the site you want to share and click the RiteTag icon on the browser’s toolbar. This brings up a dialog box with the site URL and description. You can then add text and hashtags.

Research individual hashtags on the RiteTag website. You can monitor tags you frequently use (such as your brand tags) and get alerts when they’re mentioned on social channels.


Create alerts for specific hashtags.The scoring of hashtags helps you determine when a tag has become overused so you can choose another that will work better for your brand.


Good website KPIs … Tweet Jukebox  

good website kpis
Good website KPIs.

Tweet Jukebox is a free scheduling tool that allows you to load a “jukebox” with content, schedule when you want tweets to go out and then sit back and let it do the job for you.You can create more than one jukeboxload it with thousands of tweets and then send out as many as 100 tweets per day.


Your account comes preloaded with two jukeboxes, one with photo content and one with quotes, to get you started.You have the option to tweet jukebox content once, regularly or until a specific date.


Add a name for your new jukebox, choose how often to tweet and then turn the jukebox on.Tweet Jukebox allows you to set schedules for different times on different days of the week. When it runs out of content, it automatically starts tweeting again from the beginning.




Spruce is a free, easy-to-use tool that allows you to quickly create images with custom text for Twitter (and Facebook). Choose a picture from the library, add your text, preview your post and publish it. It’s as simple as that.


Spruce makes it easy to find images and add your text.Spruce allows you to upload your images and download completed images for later use. You can check the post and add text before publishing it.


Keep in mind that you don’t have to tweet using the service, so you can create and add them to your scheduler, too.




ManageFlitter is a highly useful tool for managing your followers and posts. The functionality of the free account is not bad. Or you can choose from two levels of paid accounts to get more features. These would include Welcome to the Frontpage the left column of the main dashboard, find out more about your followers by exploring different views, such as Not Following Back, No Profile Image, Inactive, Fake (Spam), Influence and Muted Users.


This allows you to quickly unfollow accounts that don’t offer any benefit, identify spam followers and more. For example, suppose you want to find people you’re following but who aren’t following you back. Choose the Not Following Back option to see a list of users to check out and unfollow if necessary.


Use ManageFlitter to see accounts you’re following but don’t follow you in return.Hover over a user’s name to bring up details about that person, including his or her bio, location, language and average number of tweets per day.



Commun.it is a Twitter relationship management tool. There are three paid plans to choose from, depending on the features you need. You can also access and use the free account, with limited functionality.The dashboard is full of useful information. The view below shows the Actions tab, which allows you to see at a glance who to follow, unfollow or engage with based on the tool’s suggestions.


Some more tools you may be interested in: Visual Design Tools for Creative Marketers … 14 Tools to Try


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Favorite Twitter Tools to Enhance Performance and Productivity