Digital Storytelling … 4 Ways to Employ for Message Persuasion

Stories are a very integral part of being persuasive. If you want to employ digital storytelling for persuading  customers and create a memorable experience at the same time, you must master the psychology of storytelling. We noted this key fact, in our earlier blog:  Remarkable Stories Connect Emotionally.


Research  lead by Melanie Green and Timothy Brock reveals that trying to persuade people by telling them stories works extremely well.  The reason that stories (when told well) are so appealing is that you can transport customers inside the story and get your point across without directly selling.

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Researcher Jeremy Dean (founder of PsyBlog) notes the following on the effectiveness of stories:


Once inside the story, we are less likely to notice things which don’t match up with our everyday experience.


For example, an inspirational Hollywood movie with a “can-do” spirit might convince us that we can tackle any problem, despite what we know about how the real world works.


Also, when concentrating on a story, people are less aware that they are subject to a persuasion attempt: The message gets in under the radar.


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Our brains have a tendency to be mostly concerned with enjoying the story and absorbing the message.


Digital storytelling tools
Digital storytelling tools … stories trump data.

You’d think that as an engineer that loves research and data, I’d be averse to storytelling as a whole. As a marketer though, I can’t be: those in marketing have known for a long time that stories trump data when it comes to persuasion because stories are easier to understand and relate to.


Are you incorporating stories into your copy? Are you utilizing them on your blog?


The point that I’d rather make is that how you say something is just as important as what you are saying.


Digital storytelling examples
Digital storytelling examples.

Stories are a great means for sharing and interpreting experiences, and great experiences have this innate ability to change the way in which we view our world.


Stories, when properly practiced, pull people into a dialogue. It’s about engagement and interaction. The audience is just as active a participant as the storyteller. In contrast, many companies and brands still relentlessly push messages to their employees and into the marketplace—without meaningful context or relevancy. Next time you are building a marketing campaign, use a great story built from these tips.


Stories can be incorporated effectively in this way by utilizing them in your content marketing efforts, especially if you use case studies and interviews to tell your tales and present your messages for you.


Are you incorporating stories into your copy? Are you utilizing them on your blog?

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Digital storytelling … here’s the bottom line


While we are all often resistant to the idea of being told what to do, we are very susceptible to agreeing with the “moral of the story” due to how it is presented to us.




Please share one of your stories with us.


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Digital Storytelling … 4 Ways to Employ for Message Persuasion


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Digital Storytelling … 4 Ways to Employ for Message Persuasion