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The following lessons represent my favorite lessons on business management that I believe could make the biggest impact. If I was starting my career over and could take leadership lessons back in time with me, these are the ones I would choose:


Create an environment of continuous learning

It is absolutely necessary that business managers be good learners. They need to instill this in all their team. They must learn from their mistakes. To be most successful, managers must acknowledge, understand, and improve on their shortcomings. And they must encourage their team to also focus on continuous learning.


Digital Firestorm Blog
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Be a multiplier

Multiplier business managers know that at the apex of the intelligence hierarchy is NOT the lone genius. Rather, it is the genius who knows the importance of bringing out the smarts and capabilities in everyone in the team.


Build connections

Both managers and leaders know their job with their teams is about building lots of connections. They make people feel they have a stake in common problems.


Encourage feedback

It is vital that you let your team know you are interested and will listen to their concerns and ideas and contribute to solutions to any and all problems.


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