Learning From these 5 Uplifting Advertising Examples

It’s not what advertising does with the consumer. It’s what the consumer does after reading the advertisement.Have you ever wondered why some commercials are soso captivatingHave you occasionally watched extraordinary commercials that totally captivated you? Not too often, you say? But still it happens, doesn’t it? Like David Freemantle says, a lot of the captivation of the best advertising examples is about feelings and simple, meaningful messages.

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Do you ever see a commercial that you liked and watch it? Can you remember the brand? We would love to hear what it was. Would you do us a favor and tell us in the comments section?


Let’s examine 5 recent extraordinary commercials to see if we can uncover what makes them so awesome. Maybe even apply what we learn to future commercial design efforts. That would be useful, yes?


GUINNESS empty chair
Seen this GUINNESS empty chair commercial?

Advertising examples … the Guinness Empty Chair

This Guinness “Empty Chair” commercial salutes the character of a community as they honor one of their own who is out of sight, but not out of mind. They remind us that a true test of character is what you do when no one’s looking.


The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. Guinness proudly raises a glass to those who are #MadeOfMore. Neat use of the #hashtag, isn’t it?


Guinness has made the message as clean and simple as possible. You cannot over achieve on the simplicity of the message.  A message that the reader will quickly understand. Keep in mind that pictures are far more valuable than words. Guinness certainly gets it and tells an interesting story as it weaves the message together.


Panera Live Consciously

When Panera began, they decided to bake fresh bread from fresh dough. That made them wonder, what else could they do the right way? A great question that made them think differently.


There are several simple ways that Panera highlighted good things that they could do right. Telling you about creating delicious food that you can trust. And most importantly they ended with coming together with their communities to help feed people in need.


Several unique selling points that truly discriminates them from their competition. It is essential that you give your customers reasons to select you. Paint the picture of value … make the value stand out.


And advocate for issues your customer community cares about.


This commercial uses a unique way to combine unique selling propositions with advocacy advertising as part of their customer community. Did you mind watching this spot? Were you influenced?


Advertising examples:  Samsung …the Best Smartphone Ad Ever?

Samsung has made a huge advertising push around mobile phones in the past couple of years, which has paid off in ever-increasing market share. It’s not just that Samsung spends a lot of money, the ads are really good. In fact, the new commercial for the Samsung S5 smartphone is the best mobile phone ad ever made, says research firm Ace Metrix, in Mountain View, Calif.


Since 2010, Ace Metrix has measured the effectiveness of 33,000 ads across 96 categories. Few have ever scored as well as this new Samsung commercial.


Ace Metrix bases its results on a survey of 500 people who are “representative of the U.S. TV viewing audience.” They measure effectiveness across six components: Desire, Relevance, Information, Likeability, Attention and Change. The highest possible score is 950.


The Samsung 715 score is 28% higher than the average mobile phone ad, according to Ace Metrix.


The Samsung ad scored above 700 on all six component measurements, which is an extremely rare feat, Ace Metrix stated.


For comparison, check out Apple’s FaceTime commercial from 2010, which had no data, no specs, and no words at all – just a Louis Armstrong song. Great positioning with its number one competitor, isn’t it?


Which one do you prefer? Does the Samsung ad make you want to buy a Galaxy S5 phone?


Kentucky Fried Chicken Stairs

In a charming ode to family, this ad shows a young boy running down the stairs to meet his father who has brought home a bucket of KFC. As he moves from room to room and down the stairs we see him grow older and the scenery and clothing change.


This is intended to reflect the times, until he arrives downstairs, to his own son bringing home dinner. The ad demonstrates that the famous KFC family recipe has been passed down over generations and is still used today.


Superb visuals and visuals so simple that you quickly grasp them and don’t lose interest. And the music has a way to keep you tied in. Creating customer interest does not get any simpler than this, does it? A very simple, yet entertaining design, don’t you think? And the real message at the end that is very soft not selling.


The re2pect commercial is awesome.

Re2pect … a Tribute to Yankee Shortstop Derek Jeter

As most of us know, 2014 was future Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter’s last season. Recently, one of Jeter’s long-time sponsors, Nike, released a commercial paying tribute to the future Hall of Famer. The ad’s name “”RE2PECT” is a tip of the cap to Jeter’s jersey number – and a host of athletes and celebrities can be seen paying tribute to the Yankees captain.


The commercial features Jay-Z, Billy Crystal and Spike Lee – and even a couple of begrudging Red Sox fans – tipping their cap to the Bronx legend. Of course, the sportswear giant’s original sponsorship king — Michael Jordan himself – also makes a cameo.


There is no better means of influence or the power of persuasion than emotion. This commercial makes the best use of emotion we can imagine.


This commercial could not have picked a better topic or timing for the launch on the eve of baseball’s All Star game. Check out this ad here.


So remember this:

It is not what advertising does with the consumer, it is what the consumer does after digesting the advertisement. After looking over these commercials … how much have you learned that YOU can apply?




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Learning From these 5 Uplifting Advertising Examples