7 Website Mistakes that Ruin Your Conversion Rate

While you are struggling to optimize your content for SEO, don’t overlook your website mistakes aspect. It’s great if you manage to write SEO wisely, but it’s not enough to get enough traffic and

website mistakes
Website mistakes.

convert leads. Here are some common mistakes that can pull down your page and ruin your conversion rate.


Website mistakes … weak call to actions

Every website has a specific call to action. This can variate a lot depending on your profile. Most websites promote a sign in policy, but you might also invite people to share their opinions or reach out to you with questions and suggestions. No matter what your CTA is, it’s vital to make it visible and effective. Poor exposure will make visitors skip this essential argument.

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There are many pages that don’t reinforce their call to action enough. If your CTA is written in small characters with a font that makes it hardly visible, your leads won’t know what action to take. Your website’s design has to emphasize the CTA. This message should be written in prominent characters. It should also be easy to access and follow the desired steps. Adding a CTA button will leverage your content and increase conversion rates.

Ineffective images

The photos you use on your website are fundamental for your conversion. They must be relevant and compelling. Most of the times it is the image that lures a visitor to read your content, not the title that hangs above it. Visual means can boost your organic traffic, but only if you choose high-quality photos and integrate them properly. If you opt for cheap images you find on stock sites; your authority will diminish.


The best thing is to purchase quality images that are not posted on every blog on the web or make your photos. Another requirement is to post relevant photos. Websites that just fill their page with irrelevant images for the sake of SEO, actually lower their chance to rank better. There are many techniques and tools to help you improve your social media performance. Don’t post whatever comes at hand, learn what type of images are more suitable for your page.

Annoying banners
Annoying banners.

Annoying banners

This is something you’ve seen on dozens of sites. Banners are a good way to draw attention and participate in affiliate marketing programs. However, when you’ve got too many of them, the result is poor customer experience. You don’t want your page to look like an advertising platform. Too many promotion materials annoy visitors and decrease your chance to turn them into your customers.


So, don’t promote others more than you advertise your brand.

Missing a search box 

This is another obstacle that can make your website user-unfriendly. If you have no search box, make sure you add one as soon as possible. This is not a choice, but a true necessity. Think about how annoying it is when you want to look up for a specific term on another page and can’t find this precious box. You need to add this aid to your website. It will ease navigation, help people find answers easier and increase conversion potential.

 Slow page load 

The first thing you expect when you access a page is actually to see what’s on it. People grow increasingly impatient nowadays. They won’t wait too long for your page to load especially when there are so many other resources they can turn to. Most visitors wait for roughly two seconds for a page to load before they access another one. If your website has a slow loading issue, make sure you fix this problem. Try to eliminate all the risk factors that cause slow loading like:


  • The size of your images is too big
  • The number of plugins you use can’t be supported
  • Poor coding


Talking about page speed, you should know that web hosting can help you leverage your page. Do a quick search on hosting providers to find out which one is more suitable for your needs. For example, this GoDaddy review will provide you information about the pricing options, usability, and security.

Disorganized  products and services

No matter how many products or services you promote on your website, organize them. You need to have clear sections with detailed description for each item or service and relevant photos. Users should be able to find any desired product in a matter of second. It’s also important to list the prices in a visible place. Customers don’t like to dig out for this information.


If you fail to mention any essential detail, you’ll lose their trust, and they’ll turn to your competitors instead. If you sell online, it’s also necessary to have photo’s that can be viewed in full size. This will help people decide whether they should buy your items or not.

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Simple purchasing procedure

If you convinced visitors that your products are worth a shot, it would be a shame to lose them right before the final step. Your purchase procedure should be fast and intuitive. If your site drags customers through a complicated purchasing process, you risk losing them right in the middle of it. Make sure you simplify the buying steps. Don’t add unnecessary fields to your purchase form. Insert a visible Add to Cart button and make sure you send automatic purchase confirmation emails.


The bottom line


These are some of the most important aspects you should consider for high conversion rates. If you need more insight, see it for yourself. Do a simple check and browse to different websites randomly. Do you like their visuals? Are they user-friendly and compliant to the principles we just mentioned? Now turn to your site and figure out what are its weak points.


Dustin Ford is the guest author of this article. He is a self-taught technology writer from Colorado. He loves reading, marketing, and helping others. That’s why he decided to become a writer and publishing on the internet. 



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7 Website Mistakes that Ruin Your Conversion Rate