Visual Content … 13 Remarkable Marketing Examples to Study

Are you using visual content within your social media posts? A little you say? Let’s review 15 remarkable visual content marketing examples to stimulate your thinking.

Let’s start by setting the stage, so-to-speak.

It is simple. Marketing is a form of communicating with people to sell them a product or service. However, it’s often a complicated dance of finding new and exciting ways to persuade them. Visual content marketing initiatives will add to this discussion.

visual content
Visual content.

In this social-media-dominated world, the conversation is increasingly detail-oriented and high-tech. It’s for this very reason that the most powerful messages remain human-centric and increasingly visual.

Technology will help marketers engage consumers more directly by circumventing distractions and increasing their marketing reach. These tactics appeal to fundamental aspects of human nature. As such, they can help marketers create carefully coordinated campaigns and conversations. Brands and consumers seek to coalesce into a shared experience, don’t they?

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Have you studied your Facebook feed recently? The chances are that 95% of it is video, but visual in content. And here’s a fun stat: mobile video views grew six times faster than desktop views in 2015. In fact, in Q4 of 2015, mobile video views exceeded desktop views for the first time. We now live in an age of visual content, and it’s time we embraced it.

Want to know how visual marketing can help you stand out online?

If you’re not creating visually appealing content that captures

Sure you do!

Because here’s the reality. For audience attention, your competition surely is.

Graphics can tell your company story, boost awareness and drive additional traffic to your product or service.

So how can you create content that helps you better connect with your fans and followers?

Let’s examine some of the best visual content brand examples.



what is visual content
What is visual content?

Volkswagen claims that all people and all things have a story to tell, and you see this evidenced in each of their Facebook posts.

Across their Page are visual stories about VW automobiles and their customers. Whether you want to learn about VW history, understand the heritage of the Beetle or find your next car, Facebook is the place to do it.

Each image is designed to further the culture and experience around the Volkswagen brand. Watch (and learn) as they highlight important milestones within the company by weaving a powerful story into each post.

Volkswagon always defines value propositions that truly discriminates them from their competition. They use visuals to give customers reasons to select them. Maybe not the most significant visible feature, it does illustrate Volkswagen as a company that puts a high priority on passenger safety, which is their clear objective.

They make their visual messages simple. So simple that the reader will quickly understand. Keep in mind that pictures are far more valuable than words. Creating customer emotion does get any simpler than this, does it?


Visual content marketing examples  … Starbucks

Have you taken notice of Starbuck’s creative use of visual content and design ideas and innovation? When choosing to learn from others creative strategies, it is always helpful to choose one of the top dogs, isn’t it?

Starbucks has a presence on multiple social media platforms, each one successfully expressing what the brand is all about.

Their use of visual marketing is bursting with personality and originality, and although Starbucks often uses posts to advertise products, it’s done in a creative and subtle way.

This is a lesson many companies have yet to learn: Sometimes less is more… especially when it comes to visual content.

Starbucks’  “#sipface” campaign has made a huge splash in the Instagram world. Launched to promote the new Frappuccino Happy Hour menu, the campaign encouraged fans to post creative pictures of their “#sipface” on Instagram which were curated and displayed on Starbucks has been ranked the “fifth-largest brand on Facebook with 34 million fans,” and has over 3.6 million followers on Twitter.



Budweiser has an active and vibrant Facebook Page ripe with visual marketing.

From colorful graphics to native video, they have created an interactive Facebook community through visual media.

And they’re not afraid to let their fans join in on the fun. They consistently invite followers to submit personal photos.

Whether a day at the beach or an event Budweiser is promoting, audience participation gives the Page a unique “small town” feel.

You will see many stories in Budweiser commercials. Here is a remarkable one about a baby Clydesdale. They don’t get much better than this.

Baby Clydesdale



Kate Spade New York

The success of Kate Spade New York lies in their use of color, which alone is their key to effective visual marketing.

Since the brand specializes in bold and stylish wear, they use their posts to continue showcasing their style and their work.

Kate Spade New York’s use of graphic prints, crisp color, and playful sophistication makes them a powerful presence on Facebook (and one of the most followed brands on Pinterest).

visual marketing concepts
Visual marketing concepts.


Target uses several boards on Pinterest to market their store and products. Although each board exemplifies a different marketing strategy, all of them use engaging and informative graphics.

Target doesn’t just post photos of their products like many other brands do. They combine images with text to create fun and shareable images.



Nike understands marketing on Instagram as well as the mentality of their target audience, and they use this knowledge to showcase their brand effectively.

The brand loves to post inspirational hashtags and photos showing everyday moments related to sports. The focus is on speaking to everyone who has a dream and encouraging them to ”Just do it!”


Visual content … Grammarly Cards

Grammarly is an online proofreading and correction service with an excellent visual marketing strategy.

Their Pinterest page is filled with funny and engaging content that people enjoy and frequently share.

The humor and wit are coupled with attractive pictures the Grammarly Cards audience cannot ignore.



Oreo knows how to keep an audience happy and actively engaged.

The visuals the brand posts have it all — including wit, culture, and parodies. They take any popular event or entertainment update and work their cookie right into it.

This makes Oreo posts fun and shareable.

The time it takes Oreo to react to an unforeseen event is phenomenal. The brand’s fast response to the Superbowl (“You can still dunk in the dark”) won widespread recognition.


Home Depot

Home Depot knows their audience, and the brand effectively markets to them.

Their posts are made for homeowners and those who love creating something practical and good looking.

Their Instagram page is full practical, original and creative ideas.



Coca-Cola’s content marketing strategy is built on visual marketing. They provide their audience with fun, colorful and quirky visuals that are easy to like and share.

The company concentrates its efforts on interactive content to keep their audience engaged.

Coca-Cola also has uniquely designed animated gifs and plenty of brand memorabilia that reminds the audience whose page they’re on.


Whole Foods

Besides offering their customers healthy, organic foods, Whole Foods also provides followers with exceptional and informative visual graphics.

This is a brand that knows how to tell a story visually and make it appealing to all.

Although they have some product advertisements, most of their posts include great images combined with valuable advice.


Taco Bell

Taco Bell knows how to grab their audience’s attention and keep it.

The vibrant colors and artistic look of their graphics get their posts noticed.

Although some of the graphics they post on Instagram are advertising their products, most simply show off the product in an artistic and attractive way.



The bottom line


So remember this:


You just can’t say it. You have to get people to say it to each other.


– James Farley, CMO Ford


It is not what advertising does with the consumer; it is what the consumer does after reading the advertisement. So after looking over these enablers … how much have you learned?


awesome content 


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Visual Content … 13 Remarkable Marketing Examples to Study