4 Extraordinary Vacation Ideas and Recommendations

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Do you enjoy traveling and experiencing new places on vacations? Always on the lookout for extraordinary vacation ideas and recommendations? If so, keep reading as I will offer four recommendations and vacation ideas for you:


Visiting Charlottesville Virginia and Thomas Jefferson

Do you feel that traveling enhances your continuous learning and curiosity? Perhaps visiting Charlottesville, Virginia and Thomas Jefferson will help you in this answer. Let me elaborate.


I am at the end of my third career now, so it has been a few years since my college days. But I spent 8+ years as an undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia. And traveling has always been a favorite thing to do for myself and my family. And we have returned to Charlottesville on several occasions. It is a very special place to visit and learn many interesting things.


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Yes, it has changed significantly since my college days. And those changes have made it even better as a travel location. Let me tell you the places and things that make Charlottesville and Thomas Jefferson so special.



the Thousand Islands
Recommend the Thousand Islands as a great                                     getaway weekend.

Touring the Thousands Islands of New York and Canada

Are you always on the lookout for a new weekend getaway experience? My wife and I semi-retired about 4 years ago and weekend getaways, especially places we haven’t seen, are always a priority with us. Recently we had an excellent long weekend touring the Thousand Islands.




Have you ever visited this area? We totally enjoyed our 3 day visit and highly recommend it to others.


Vacation ideas and recommendations … the beaches of Florida’s space coast

 Stretching 72 miles along Florida’s East Coast, the Space Coast continues to enliven, entertain, and inspire more and more visitors each year.  While the Space Coast area of Florida’s East Coast is known as the home of America’s space program, Orlando’s closest beaches and some of the best surfing in the country, this is only a taste of what this area has to offer.



Whether you dream of excitement and entertainment, or simplistic peace and tranquility, the Space Coast has what you’re seeking. And the variety of offered activities is fantastic and sure to have that something for everyone in your family or group. Take a close look at these ten smashing reasons why we believe this is the best location to plan your Florida vacation.


best Finger Lakes Wineries
Know the best Finger Lakes Wineries?


The Best Finger Lakes Wineries to Visit


My family and I have spent 31 of a 35 year career in the upstate New York Finger Lakes Region, and despite growing up in the southeast; I can’t imagine a better place to live. So you can imagine we are quite familiar with this region and its wine country.



The last few years my career took me to short term assignments in California, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado, all places with some established wine industry that we visited on several occasions. At the conclusion of these assignments it was time to retire … a good time to spend the summer getting reacquainted with the Finger Lakes Region  (to include it’s growing wine industry). As a result, we are writing several articles on our research and resulting travels.





All of these vacation sites were real winners for us. Don’t think you could miss with any of them.



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4 Extraordinary Vacation Ideas and Recommendations