Think Creative … 10 Different Ways to Enhance Your Thinking

Looking to enhance creativity skills and think creative? Then look for simplicity. But take note. Simplicity is hard, not easy.

Make the simple complicated is commonplace. Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple … that’s creativity.

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Don’t believe you are creative?  Creativity is often defined as the ability to connect ideas that are seemingly unconnectable.   Connecting ideas are how new ideas originate … it is the basis to think creative.

Contrary to what most people believe, creativity is not limited to the gifted ones of the population.  It can be taught, nurtured, and enhanced.

There are many, many ways to enhance creativity. We use 3 checklists with clients (and ourselves) to help enhance creativity.

Use of checklists? Ever given them a try? Lots of ways to use them. After college, I spent almost 2 years training as a naval aviator.   An important element of that training was the use of checklists in the learning and refresher process.   Checklist utilization remains an important part of my business life.   It is always a good idea to have a helpful checklist for many topics, creativity included.  Simple refresh reminders of improvements.

Let’s get started looking at this one which includes some not so usual ideas:


What is a creative collective
What is a creative collective?

Carry notebook

Don’t depend on your memory when good ideas arrive. Carry a notebook and pen everywhere. Write down your ideas and thoughts as soon as you can. The sooner the better.




Don’t force it

Loosen up and let ideas come to you. Observe. Listen. Connect ideas and observations. Don’t be too specific with your objects. Let your thoughts flow. But don’t throw out any. And always keep the old ones around.


Follow the rules

Let just say not all rules are good ones. There are some stupid ones out there. Pick your spots and explore. Kill the bad rules.

Consider an example of Internet Privacy

Running a business today almost certainly means having a digital presence, and being connected to the Internet. While the benefits of this transformation are many, the security issues are still a daily challenge, with many solutions in the marketplace to address them.

Now internet service providers can sell the browsing habits of their customers to advertisers. The move, which critics charge will fundamentally undermine consumer privacy in the US.

Yes, internet service providers (ISPs) such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are free to track all your browsing behavior and sell it to advertisers without consent. ISPs have access to literally all of your browsing behavior – they act as a gateway for all of your web visits, clicks, searches, app downloads and video streams.

This represents a huge treasure trove of personal data, including health concerns, shopping habits, and porn preferences. ISPs want to use this data to deliver personalized advertising.

Looking for a valid VPN solution? 


Don’t practice

Creativity is like any other learned skill. Unless you are the rare minority, you weren’t born with amazing creativity skills. You will need lots of practice and experience. And lots of failures and not so good results. Be patient and stick with it. All good skills take time.


Don’t collaborate

Collaboration drives creativity because new ideas always emerge from a series of sparks. Never a single flash of insight. Surround yourself with creative people in different fields. Find people that are also looking for collaboration and give it a try.


Think creative … encourage feedback

Ask for feedback … get and collect the best ideas. Keep an open mind and don’t be defensive. Pick what you want for follow up.


Listen to new music

Diversity in all things. Even your music. Like everything, you are into. Try as many new things as possible. Including new people.


Don’t worry about finishing what you start

Remember you are trying new things. And not expecting grat results. Many failures. If you don’t finish, it doesn’t count as experience or a failure. Just a give up.


stretch yourself
Look to stretch yourself.

Don’t stretch yourself

Build on your imagination and your curiosity. They are your most important creativity assets. Work hard at avoiding the old ways you do things. Getting the old ways out of your head is one of your most difficult tasks.


This list is simple, but makes good sense, doesn’t it?


But here is the thing. An example. Over his lifetime Da Vinci created 13,000 pages of sketches and notes. 13,000 pages. By hand, on individual sheets of paper. And how many masterpieces by perhaps the most creative thinker of all time? Probably 3-5 depending on who you ask. Persistence is a key, isn’t it? Perhaps this is the most important reason we have less creative people.




Remember to practice these creativity skills as well as creative convergence, the ability to discover new relationships between different ideas to form new ideas.


Do you have creativity learning experiences that you would like to share?


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Think Creative … 10 Different Ways to Enhance Your Thinking