My Latest Book … Available at Amazon

My Latest Book … Available at Amazon

There are many components of new age marketing. Traditional marketing has not left us. But the new age of internet marketing is significant. Learn the new technology and how to best combine the new and old for your optimum marketing campaigns. Let these campaigns drive your future success. My latest book is available at Amazon.

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my latest book
Check out my latest book.



my latest book
My latest book cover.


Being passionate about a project or goal — no matter how big or small — makes us feel alive.

It is invigorating to think about the changes you could make in yourself or in the world.

This is the excitement that this book tries to spark — and keep alive.

The book’s focus is on practical ways to help you turn vague directions and ideas into consuming passions.

No matter whether you only have an uncertain sense of your goal or are half-way towards it, this book can help.

Finding your change

Life can sometimes seem so static, mundane and repetitive, with one day blending into the next.

The potential for change can feel low.

We get used to the same old plodding rhythms.

No wonder that people’s desires for the future are as exciting and varied as people themselves.

Here are a few I came across while researching this book:

  • Cruising around the world.
  • Getting married.
  • Performing selfless actions.
  • Learning to appreciate your family.
  • Milking a cow.

All of these goals require different techniques, skills and behaviours.

But none of these are possible without the drive to complete them — even milking a cow!

This book will help fan the flames of your inner desires and even rekindle a dying spark.

The aim is to give you the psychological tools to get up and take action; to accept an exciting new challenge and start working on it.