Integrated Marketing Strategy Will Win Everyday

Sometimes the enablers of the integrated marketing strategy can be more critical to your success than the strategy elements themselves.
                                             Do you have an Integrated Marketing Strategy?
Consider our list of enablers for marketing strategies we often use with our clients:
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A customer’s experience
A customer’s experience creates the best marketing. It gives your customers something good to discuss. Ways to improve your customer experience needs to be a plank in your strategy.
Customer conversations
Conversations with customers are the basis of word of mouth marketing, your most important strategy element. They also form the foundation of building relationships and trust.
Here is a very good example:
In 2013, H&R Block, with their agency Fallon, responded to something they heard while interviewing consumers. The thing people seemed to care about most was getting taxes done right and getting every dime they are owed back.
The creative bomb that went off birthed the now famous, “Get Your Billions Back America” campaign, which launched at the start of 2014.
It was a message consumers heard, understood and were instantly drawn to.
The genius of the campaign lies in what isn’t stated. There’s no reference to Block’s size and some locations. No mention of total refunds they’ve secured for their customers. No detail about their processes, services, prices or proficiency of their accountants.
No noise, interference or distractions.
Sure, these things matter. But every accounting firm markets around the obvious things that make them great. Block took an alternative route and marketed around what people want – a Robin Hood that gets them what they deserve.
Marketing strategy
Your marketing strategy needs to be about service and value, not product and price. You don’t want to be a commodity … ever, so keep your eye on your value discrimination and your service.
Emotion can often represent your service and value. Check this example out:
The Zillow real estate company has built an entire marketing campaign on influencing home buyers with emotional influence. Have you seen any of them? We like them so much that we have searched for them on YouTube frequently.
“Homecoming” was Zillow’s sixth TV spot in the company’s highly successful national advertising campaign. You cannot beat these ads. There are no better means of influence or the power of persuasion than emotion. Hands down the best, in our opinion.
Experiences that trigger our emotions are saved and consolidated in lasting memory because the emotions generated by the experiences signal our brains that the experiences are important to remember.
The homecoming commercial ending message says it all:
 You are not just looking for a house; you are looking for a place for your life to happen.
This commercial focuses on emotional appeal in grand fashion. It is the secret of this commercial’s success. It creates strong persuasion in our opinion. A great example of a successful advertisement design.
Customer relationships
Did you know that customer relationships are the backbone of building trust?  Customer trust is the most important reason a customer selects a business. What are the ways you are attempting to build customer trust?
Selling is not a priority, but marketing is. As Peter Drucker stated … the aim of marketing is to understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.