What Habits of Millennials Can Impact Your Marketing Campaigns

A business that sells its products and services to millennials must be very careful. They must pay attention to various aspects that could influence their marketing performance.
Habits of millennials are different from the previous generations. Therefore they must be treated accordingly.
habits of millennials
Habits of millennials.
When you develop a marketing strategy, you need to pay close attention. Close attention to your target audience’s needs, problems, mindset, and attitude.
You want to align with their personality. You also want to speak to them in a way that your words will have an impact.
Most of the millennial generation pays less attention to ads and promotional material. Therefore sparking your customers’ interest will be more difficult than before.
In today’s post, we’re sharing a few of the most relevant habits that influence today’s millennials’ buying behavior. The better you understand millennials, the better your marketing campaigns will perform in time.

Intensive social media usage

People who belong to the Millennial generation have become extremely accustomed to the Internet. Social media channels are now extremely popular.
Most millennials unblock their phones to check for the latest updates. They’re craving for notifications, updates, and – generally – entertainment.
Your business should have a social media presence. Build a Facebook page at first, and then decide which social channel can suit your business needs the best.
If you’re in the B2B field, I’d suggest developing a strong LinkedIn profile. You’ll find plenty of potential clients for your business through a simple search.

Social influencers have a great power to influence

Social influencers are individuals who have a lot of followers/subscribers/likes. They could be either famous people, popular niche business pages, or just regular people who have a passion. Many have quite a following on social media.
millennials financial habits
Pay close attention to millennials financial habits.
Miriam Pigweed, the Marketing Expert at aussiewritings.com, suggests:
“Millennials are heavily influenced by the influencers’ behavior. There’s a common tendency that people express. They want to fit in. They want to be cool. They want attention. Therefore, when a popular person does something, that thing becomes popular itself.”
Quite a good point, right?
Start approaching social influencers that are being followed by the audience that you’re targeting yourself. This way, placing your content in front of people that you already know could represent a truly profitable investment.

The majority of Millennials use a smart mobile device

Everyone has a phone. Not only millennials but especially them. When we talk about millennials, we’re talking about people between the age of 18 to 31.
Can you imagine a teenager without a mobile phone? At least in the western civilization, everyone owns a mobile device. If it’s not a phone, it’s a tablet. If it’s not a tablet, it’s something else.
No matter what, millennials usually stay connected to their social channels all the time.
Understanding this, you’ll realize the importance of a mobile-optimized platform. A platform, on which people can have a great user experience.
Your site and content should load on every mobile screen and operating system. Why? Because otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of potential leads and sales.

Low attention span

low attention span
Low attention span?
Millennials are way less attentive to everything that’s going on around them. That is because too much information usually surrounds them.
When you open a social feed, you’ll experience hundreds and thousands of new stimuli and information. The brain is ignoring most of it, and it focuses on only what’s important.
Therefore, all your ad campaigns and content updates should look interesting and relevant. Otherwise, your audience might not even notice them.
You get approximately 2 to 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention, so do it well.

Millennials are immune to intrusive advertising

Intrusive advertising is that type of marketing that annoys the customer. Intrusive means sending an email without receiving permission. It can also mean adding a person to a group without them asking for it.
Moreover, it could also be ads that are placed on videos. Yes, those ads are truly intrusive and frequently annoying.
Instead of using this type of approach, you should try to gain the permission first. Grab attention by offering value.
Educate your audience, show them how it’s done. Gain their trust as quickly as you can.
When there’s trust, the path towards a sale is shorter than you imagine!


The bottom line


Dealing with millennials is a complex assignment. You need to get into their skin and think as they do. That’s the secret.
Fortunately for you, there are lots of clues that you can leverage. You have the forums, the Q&A platforms, and the social media channels. All of these will teach you more about your target audience’s behavior.
Analyze your customer’s social profiles consistently and learn as much as you can.
When you develop a very specific target persona, all your marketing actions will be simplified.
Customer engagement
Customer engagement improvements are worth the effort.


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What Habits of Millennials Can Impact Your Marketing Campaigns