A Great Company Culture Increases Employee Creativity

The corporate landscape has shifted rapidly this past couple of years. Instead of the old-school top-to-bottom management styles, companies are beginning to acknowledge the importance of having a great company culture and a healthy working environment. Employees are far more creative and are more likely to take initiatives when they are rewarded properly and are working in a healthy environment.

great company culture
                   Great company culture.


Washington State University and its online MBA program recently compiled a list of studies that reveal the importance of having a strong company culture. In larger companies like Google and Facebook, employees are given a certain amount of free time, during which they can work on their projects.


This step alone leads to a lot of interesting innovations, all of which benefit the company and encourage more employees to work creatively. The same boost in motivation also resulted in an increase in productivity and a better attitude towards customer service.


company culture ideas
          Company culture ideas.



You can find out more about Why Company Culture Matters from the complete infographic by onlinemba.wsu.edu.

A Great Company Culture Increases Employee Creativity