Falasiri Oriental Rugs … You’ll Only Find the Best of the Best

My wife and I love home interior design. We are not experts by any means, but we pay attention to design details whenever we can. One design element we love is oriental rugs. As a result, Falasiri Oriental Rugs is a store where we have spent a considerable amount of time. We have selected seven oriental rugs for our homes from this fabulous store. Let me elaborate.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product fits him so well the product fits him and sells itself.

Peter Drucker

About Falasiri’s

They have an intriguing tagline:

Falasiri Oriental Rugs
Falasiri Oriental Rugs.


We place the world at your feet.


That is one you don’t see often. And many of their collection you don’t often see either. Perhaps most never at all. That is great news for interior home designers. It certainly is for us.

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Falasiri’s have been in business since 1968. So you can imagine an inventory they have seen and collected in that period.

It is unusual to find one of this country’s best selections of oriental carpets in the heart of Florida—but 30 years ago they came south and brought their New York collection with them. But they maintained their top notch network of dealers from New York City and all over the world.

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Their collection of rugs

It is a collection you’ll want to see and experience up close and personal. It certainly is a collection we recommend you see for yourselves. It is well worth your time.

The breadth of their inventory will astonish you. For decades they have traveled the globe searching palaces, estates, and village loom to find pieces that have that extra special “something.” You can go to ten cities and fifty shops and still not locate the collection they house under one roof. The best examples of every kind of hand-made carpet to be found.

Whether an affordable contemporary piece or a rare nomadic textile, each piece is selected for our collection with a connoisseur’s eye.

You can find Gabbeh carpets, rich in saturated color, or pick one in perfect neutral.Or perhaps you are looking for contemporary Oushads, and Agras made with the best wools, vegetable dyes, and muted hues.

Check out their antique Art Deco Chinese collection, from throw to palace size, and nomadic pieces you will find amazing.

Go and visit … you really must experience it for yourself. They are always willing to help you find a design just for you.

They will even take a favorite or two to your home to see how it looks in your home design.


sharing their passion
Sharing their passion.

Sharing their passion

They believe in sharing their passion in these carpets From museum lectures to chats over tea; they love to share. Whether you’re interested in that perfect rug for your living room, or in the adventure of creating a collection, you’ll find your visit worthwhile.

Bring in a rug to clean or restore, bring in your designer, or just come for a look around, They are always happy to help you explore.


Oriental carpet maintenance

Are you looking for someone to professionally care for your carpets? Falasiris has over 30 years of experience, restoration, appraisal, and conservation of carpets and beautiful textiles.

Their team has particular respect for these products. Did you know with proper care, even the most humble carpets can last generations? Their care never includes steam, dry-cleaning, or chemically cleaning these carpets. Instead, they employ old-fashion time-honored techniques for the best attention and preservation.


Falasiri Oriental Rugs … my experience  

My experience
My experience.

Recently, my wife and I bought several Turkish rugs from Mehrdad Moghadam, Vero Beach’s Steve Jobs of Oriental rug merchants.

If I could run my company as well he could sell, I’d have the most successful marketing agency in the state of Florida.

Technically, speaking, Mehrdad didn’t sell us anything. He only created the conditions that allowed us to buy. I know many of you think this is just an original form of selling, but I would argue  otherwise.

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How did Mehrdad work these magic conditions, when we weren’t sure we were ready to buy a rug, let alone 2?

He effortlessly … established rapport

He had beautiful rugs … and knew them better than most people know themselves

He loved … what he did

He shared his knowledge … with high emotion

He gave us … all the space we needed

He had a wonderful … sense of humor

He had kind eyes … and a big heart

He conducted the transaction … in the spirit of service

He knew what he was doing … and he did it with the perfect blend of flair and humility


Take a moment to think about the way that you currently sell your product or services. If it’s not going quite as well as you’d like, ask yourself: “What can I learn from Mehrdad the Rug Merchant?”

And always remember … selling is marketing, BUT marketing is not selling.


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Falasiri Oriental Rugs … You’ll Only Find the Best of the Best