Customer focus

customer focus

Why is customer focus important?

We are definitely in the age of the customer … ignore this at the peril of your business. While the customer is not always right, he always has the right to choose. Customer focus and a customer focused approach to building customers into advocates is perhaps your most important task. It all starts by listening to your customers.

customer focus
Customer focus.

Do you know who your most important customers are? Your influencers? And why they come back to do business with you? These are important questions whose answers provide valuable insights to your business.


Customer focus … engage customers

Why engage customers? The answer is pretty simple. Customers remember and value personal experiences that demonstrate deep understanding and respect for their needs. There is a fine line between a bad, good, and great customer experience. You need to know your customers and understand your touchpoints well to build great customer experiences. Great customers experiences are the foundation for great customer service … both are essential in building advocates and influencers.


engage customers
Engage customers.

Customer focus … responsive customer service

Businesses need to take their customer service to the next level. The best approaches are by being more responsive and proactive, delivering on their promises, and listening and observing to gain insights and then acting on them.

The ability for a business to serve its customers in a responsive way that is consistent with meeting or beating their expectations will prove to be the ultimate differentiator separating the winners from the losers.

When companies learn how to deliver and evolve differentiated customer service, they build strong, enduring customer relationships and trust.

Does your business strive to create world-class customer service?


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Building customer relationships and trust

Customers choose businesses based on their confidence, strength of relationships, and trust.

Today there are many communication channels to engage your customers, build communities, display your brand’s values, deliver on your promises and building customer relationships and trust. Use those that represent where the majority of your target customers reside.

Digital Spark Marketing Agency is skilled in understanding and improving customer touchpoints in ways that make positive impacts on customer experience and service. Our goal is to make your customer experience and service discriminate your business from its competitors.

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Find Mike here.

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