18 Remarkable Vine Examples for Content Design

Be useful or entertaining or you will be ignored. Do you know the reason why vine is so effective for content design? Check out these Vine examples and I am sure you will see that it is both useful and entertaining at the same time. And oh by the way, it is direct and to the point. Vine isn’t just for creative agency types, a wide range of industries are now adopting Twitter’s popular video platform.


The six-second phenomenon may still be in its early stages, but we’re already witnessing Vine being used in all sorts of incredibly creative ways.


Here are 20 some odd subjects to employ Vines to market a business more effectively:


Content design … news reporting

Twitter was the real birthplace of social news reporting. Over the past few years, news would often break on the platform before staff at global newspapers even got wind of a story.


However, the launch of Vine is a game-changer for news reporting. Imagine if the 9/11 events or Pearl Harbor had been Vined?


Here is a very recent example of a huge #GeneralElectric fire in #Louisville.


Twitter’s new platform holds the power to a whole new journalistic approach. Imagine reporters submitting Vines to support their words for online press articles? The potential is huge.

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movie makers
Are you movie makers?

Movie makers

So, as is common with every new platform, we always find an individual, brand or corporation who looks to be the first to push the boundaries.


It didn’t take long for Vine to find a willing subject in Oscillioscope Labs, a self-confessed ‘three-headed dragon’, or to you and me, a multi-discipline creative agency.


How’s this for a concept – an entire feature film shared on Vine. How does that work, I hear you ask? Well, Vine clips are still just 6-seconds each, there’s been no fundamental change there. But the company has split their feature film – starring Julia Stiles and David Cross, and interestingly entitled  #itsadisaster – into 6-second clips and posted them in order on their Twitter profile via Vine. Don’t believe me?! Take a look for yourself here.


Content marketing design … VinesMap

Vinesmap collects geotagged Vines from around the globe and plots them on to a map of the world. The site is powered by OpenStreetMap data and is very similar to a Twitter video visualization Unruly use in their Social Video Lab. This app would be better if it let you look at specific areas of the map instead of just playing Vines at random.


Behind the scenes view

Oftentimes customers form a sense of intimacy, dependency, and identity with the products and services they consume, an opportunity that can sometimes go overlooked by the companies that market them.


So everyone knows what you offer, but do they know just how everything comes together? While you can show off how you work (in most cases, this might be rather boring), you can use it as an opportunity to show off your offices and why your company is such a great place to work for, or show a side of your brand that people mightn’t usually see.


However, recognizing that your customers may want to learn more about the inner workings of your business and its people and creating content that makes that possible can be an effective way to engage and build your audience.


Check out this behind the scenes Vine courtesy of the Weather Channel.


How-to videos

Does your product require assembly? Do you have to provide instructions on how to use your product? Or are you a lifestyle brand that provides a fresh take on old problems?

If so, consider creating a 6-second how-to video on Vine.


The hashtag #howto is one of the top trending tags on all of Vine and can prove to be a handy way to get prospective customers to give your offering a try.


Check out one of many from Lowes, one of the best at how tos.


Content design … highlighting product features

Perhaps you’re looking to showcase something particular about a product you sell or a feature that your customers may not know about yet. Using Vine to highlight a product’s features is a great way to create desire while being entertaining at the same time.


Carmaker Opel does a great job showcasing all the colors its vehicles.


Entertain your community

Not everything needs to have a brand message. if you’re feeling creative, you could post almost anything so long as there’s some kind of connection to what you’re about. If you’re the opportunity to create something fun or enjoyable, then it’s no harm to go off the beaten track every once in a while and post something lighthearted.


If you’re looking for examples that are more advanced, you should follow Twitter’s video producer Ian Padgham, who is a master at Vine. That’s no surprise considering his role, but if you want some brilliant examples, look no further.


Here is an example showing the world’s first snowmobile waterflip landed by @davidburman90


Credit: @northernlightfilms#awesome #epic #extreme #sports #gopro #like #Fun


offer previews
Offer previews.


Offer previews

If you’re offering a product or deal, why not show your followers what they could hope to get if they avail of it. The medium allows you to show off different angles and give them a more comprehensive view of what to expect.


Either show multiple products on their own or simply show different shots of the same product to build up hype.


Intel, for example, likes to leverage Vine to preview its newest technology.


1-to-1 customer interaction

A fancier way to put it might be a “real-time marketing response campaign”, but it’s definitely one of the ways automaker Honda seems to be getting some serious social media props.


The company’s campaign is called #wantnewcar and is a means to promote its ”Summer Clearance Sales Event”, where a prospective customer tweets them stating why they would like a new car and the company responds back with a personalized Vine video response.


Run contests

Though there’s been much talk about running contests on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, some brands are also seeing big wins with Vine.


One of our favorite examples is Urban Outfitters pairing up with Converse to run a contest called #yourchucks. Those with the best Vine videos were entered to win a number of goodies.
Sometimes businesses find it hard to get their fans excited about contests, because unless fans are also customers, they may not know enough about your product to know they want it.

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Cadbury UK tickled everyone’s sweet tooth by using Vine to show off their new confectionary creation and then invited fans to win a sample.


Demonstrate your portfolio

Don’t just have a static portfolio on your website.


Create an animated one on social media like OneNine Design has done in this video displaying the packaging they created for a client. It goes to show how even small businesses can take advantage of Vine.


Red Vines does a little name play while showing off their collection of Red Vines in a Vine video. This can be a great introduction to your new followers about your product and reminder for current customers.


 Show interesting trivia

Not everything has to be about business. General Electric shares some historical trivia related to their industry that their fans might find interesting.


You can also take the opportunity to get some engagement from your audience and post a trivia question first, then answer it with a Vine video.


 Attract customers to your booth

Exhibiting at a conference? Go Local shows how you can create a Vine video to attract people to your booth, potentially increasing your business’s ROI from advertising at a conference.


Speakers could also use a Vine video attached to the conference’s hashtag to let people know when their session is starting.


Educate and amaze

Anytime you have the chance to educate your audience with something fascinating, go for it.


The San Francisco Zoo solicits new visitors each time they exhibit their amazing residents on Twitter through Vine videos.


Bring people inside stores

Local businesses can take advantage of Vine videos by showing their fans how awesome it is to be inside one of their stores or restaurants.


Urban Outfitters uses their main Twitter account to highlight events at their local stores just like this one.


Give fans something different

Not every Vine has to be business-related. Think about broader interests of your target audience and create Vine videos they will like.


Dick’s Sporting Goods took their audience inside the stadium to celebrate the Ravens’ Super Bowl appearance. Of course, this isn’t too broad since they are a sporting goods company, but use it as an example to think about things outside of your products and services to feature on Vine.


Randomly amuse your community

Speaking of non-business–related Vine material, entertainment is the goal of Vine, and MailChimp does this through their quirky video of a dog standing on their mascot.


If you want your Vine to have viral potential, think about how to really entertain your audience while still including a little branded something in it.

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Enhance customer experience 


The visual experience is a great way to enhance customers experience. Lights! Camera! And … an empty stool? I like the way SweetShot Photography’s Glynis Citarelli uses video to show, not tell, how her business is ready and waiting for you. It allows potential customers to literally envision themselves at her studio, showing exactly what the experience would be like.



The bottom line

The beauty of Vine is it’s easy to use, quick and the file sizes are small, meaning your mobile audience can consume your content without the fear of eating up all their data allowance. Now, we all know that you can do this on YouTube, but let me reiterate just how accessible Twitter has made video sharing in this case.



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18 Remarkable Vine Examples for Content Design