10 Reasons Brevard Space Coast is the Best Florida Vacation

Yes, we certainly agree with you. Remarkable products like Brevard Space Coast (the best Florida vacation) certainly do get talked about. We will elaborate why this is the case.

Products that are remarkable get talked about.

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Stretching 72 miles along Florida’s East Coast, the Space Coast continues to enliven, entertain, and inspire more and more visitors each year.  While the Space Coast area of Florida’s East Coast is known as the home of America’s space program, Orlando’s closest beaches and some of the best surfing in the country, this is only a taste of what this area has to offer.

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Brevard space coast
Brevard space coast.


Whether you dream of excitement and entertainment or simplistic peace and tranquility, the Space Coast has what you’re seeking. And the variety of offered activities is fantastic and sure to have that something for everyone in your family or group. Take a close look at these ten smashing reasons why we believe this is the best location to plan your Florida vacation.


Brevard Space Coast … Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is the rare place in the world where you can touch an actual moon rock, walk under the largest rocket ever made, experience the International Space Station and visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis … all on the same day. Your ticket includes the Space Shuttle Atlantis, Twin IMAX theater 3-D films, Shuttle launch experience, numerous shows and exhibits, Astronaut Hall of Fame 2-day ticket, Space Center bus tour, special viewing location for rocket launches, Angry Birds Space Encounter, and Meet an Astronaut. It can be an all-day activity if you wish, so plan out your day.


Deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing along the Space Coastline is a great way to relax, catch some rays and a few fish while you bask on the east coast’s blue waters off Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, or Sebastian.


Anglers can expect to catch many of the pelagic species like Mahi-Mahi, Blackfin Tuna, King Mackerel, Barracuda, Cobia and several species of Jack when they visit the area. Two inlets, one north, and one south are part of the 72-mile ocean shoreline and provide great access to the ocean and Gulf Stream.


Proximity to Daytona International Speedway

Are you a race fan? If so, you can take advantage of the fact that the Daytona International Speedway is only an hour’s drive north of the Space Coast. At the racetrack, you can attend an event (about half of the days), take one of three tour options, or sign up to drive the track.


miles of beaches
Miles of beaches.

Miles of beaches

Explore the sandy Atlantic shoreline along 72 glorious miles, including 42 beach access sites and six nature centers.


You can also get far from the crowds, along Canaveral National Seashore, boasting the longest stretch of undeveloped, undisturbed beach on the east coast, looking just about the way it did when Spanish explorers discovered it 500 years ago. See natural beaches as they were meant to be.


Proximity to Orlando Theme Parks

Orlando, the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” has enough to keep your family entertained for weeks if not months on end. If you want nothing but theme parks for your Florida vacation, then Orlando is for you.


A short hour or less from many Space Coast locations, you can select from 15 or more great theme parks to visit, while at the same time, having the luxury of watching a morning sunrise over the ocean or an evening walk on the beach. Here is an interesting article from the USA Today that defines their perspective of the top ten theme parks in Orlando. Plenty to choose from.


Boating and fishing

Like boating? The Intercostal Waterway extends the entire 72 miles of the Space Coast with both the Indian River and Banana Rivers. Great for water sports like water skiing, rafting and the like, or simply sightseeing.


Fishing excursions with tour guides? Look through the long list of experts ready to provide fishing fun, on many kinds and sizes of fishing vessels, in fresh water, salt water, and the Indian River Lagoon. Now that is a variety not available often.


And …visit the Sebastian Fishing Museum to see artifacts from fishing families involved in early commercial fishing.


Proximity to World Golf Hall of Fame

Like to follow the professional golf tours and also play great courses? Then you’ll be interested to know that the World Golf Hall of Fame is located in St. Augustine, Florida (an easy 90-minute drive north of the Space Coast via I-95).


The Hall of Fame is the centerpiece of World Golf Village, a unique vacation destination with two championship golf courses, high-end accommodations, and several other amenities. Visitors from around the world visit the Hall of Fame and make use of the Village’s world-class facilities.

space coast live launch
Space coast live launch.

Brevard Zoo

Looking for a half day activity to combine with a visit to the beach? The Brevard Zoo is the perfect option. My family and I love zoos, both large and small, and we rarely miss a zoo trip on our vacations. We have been to some of the most famous zoos, in San Diego, NYC, and Washington, DC, and some smaller ones in Binghamton, NY and Syracuse, NY … and many in between. So when we say the Brevard Zoo is a great (not good but great!) zoo, we have a lot of zoos to calibrate with.


The Zoo offers lots of activities like kayaking, paddle boating, riding the train and feeding the animals. There is also the Treetop Trek, an exciting outdoor adventure where visitors experience nature in the trees! You can move tree to tree and challenge yourself with tightropes, crab walks, jungle bridges, nets, and best of all, zip lines.


Cape Canaveral cruise port

Four million cruise passengers each year, which is how many vacationers set out on cruises to the Bahamas, as well as the eastern and western Caribbean. And while that makes Port Canaveral the second busiest cruise port in the world, visitors are amazed just how little congestion they find.


My wife and I live a few miles from the port and visit there for lunch a couple of times a week. We were amazed at those statistics because we never see any congestion. Port Canaveral is the homeport for ships of Disney Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean International, and Canaveral Cruise Lines.

You can also find Victory Cruise, a gambling ship that cruises 20-30 miles off the coast twice daily.

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Proximity to St. Augustine

Planning to visit the World Golf Hall of Fame described above? If so, you can easily add a visit to this historic city in a one day trip.  If not, the location remains an interesting site to see on its own.


Nearly 450 years separate its past from its present, but nowhere is history more celebrated than in St. Augustine. From the coquina walls of its forts and city gates to its brick-lined streets and lush, green park at the Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine’s museums and historic sites pay tribute to all who influenced it.


So what’s the conclusion? The conclusion is there is no conclusion. There is only the next step. And that next step is completely up to you. But if you are looking for vacation diversity, we believe the Space Coast is the best Florida vacation for you. Start your planning today.


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10 Reasons Brevard Space Coast is the Best Florida Vacation