10 Secret Blogging Tips to Becoming a Master Blogger

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. Well said by Albert Einstein. There are many very good bloggers on the internet, aren’t there? The term “master blogger” seems to pop up now and then, and it is something that many bloggers aspire to be. In my eight years as a blogger, I would say that the definition of “master blogger” has changed. And anyone can notice, but only the masters can understand, appreciate, and adapt and learn from these blogging tips and blogging changes.

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When I think of a master blogger, here are the skills and qualities that I would suggest they have:


Blogging tips … connect with audience

For an audience to read and return, bloggers must learn about people in the audience and engage/connect with as many as possible.  This is not just about finding out their interests, but it is finding out who they are.  It is essential that we get to know our audience, learn their passions, and help them find out how we can engage them in their interests.  If you are not able to do this as a blogger, the following characteristics will be moot.

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Clear and simple messages

To be a successful blogger one has to have a clear understanding of what he/she is blogging about. That’s the first and the most important equation. Select a niche and stick to it as much as you can. If you have a clear understanding of what you are writing about, then I must say that you are 25% successful.


Educate and entertain
Educate and entertain or be ignored.

Educate and entertain

Bloggers must ensure that they differentiate learning and work to meet the needs of each reader and understand how they each like to engage and be entertained.  I believe that people have different engagement styles, and if we can best figure out how to help them meet their needs, the audience will be easily captured.


Quality over quantity

Quality is the only factor that drives visitors back to your blog. Create a strategy and focus on it to impress your readers every time you write an article. Every single article should clearly show your superiority in the niche you are dealing with. I know only a genius can do that, but who knows there might be a genius hiding behind your darker side. Wake him up and try something new to introduce your creativity to the blogosphere.


Blogger design tips … promoting your work

A blog without targeted traffic is worth nothing, even if you can write ten articles every single day. It’s vital that you market your blog in all possible ways to drive targeted traffic. Comments on popular and active blogs, forums posting helps a lot in the beginning but remember it’s not the end. You should make sure that you get some new visitors by writing guest articles, article marketing and by social bookmarking submissions.


Consistency is a key

To be 100% successful, all you have to do is to write quality posts consistently. Make sure you maintain the quality and standards your readers are looking for. Stay patient and work hard. Blogging is a slow process, but once you get attention, you will never look back.


draw relevance
Draw relevance in blogging.


blogging tips … draw relevance

The question of each post, “What does this have to do with real life?” is something that I would prefer never be said.  Not because it is not a legitimate question, but because bloggers should show the relevance before there is an opportunity for it to be asked


Not only is it essential that we draw relevance to the subject matter of what we write, but it is also essential that we use mediums that are relevant to where the audience hangs out on the internet.   A master blogger knows that it is essential to use technology and mediums to enhance interest in a way that is relevant to their audience.


Master blogger … embody lifelong learning 

A master blogger knows that they will never become the “perfect” blogger since that is unattainable.  They will look at ways that they can grow along with the members of the audience and develop their skills.  Writing and learning will always change, and a master blogger knows that they need to change with it. I have seen bloggers that have proclaimed that they are master bloggers but have not changed their practice in years.  Growth is essential as a blogger.  Society changes continuously and so do its needs.  We need thinkers on the internet and bloggers must show that they are on the leading edge of this.


Learning versus performance

In “Drive” by Dan Pink, he talks about the difference between performance and learning goals.  A performance goal would be similar to having a reader wanting to be completely entertained, where a learning goal would be a reader wanting to become fluent in the subject at hand.  A master blogger sets his goals based on both learning and performance, depending on his audience.


Passionate about their content

If a blogger works in the area of math and LOVES the subject area that passion will spill over to the audience, he/she works with.  As a marketer and blogger, I work hard to help my clients and audience work in subject areas that they are passionate about because I believe that enthusiasm is infectious. A master blogger shares their passion and enthusiasm with those they work with.  However, if you are a blogger in an area that you do not “love”, it is important that you find ways to spark that passion for yourself.


Strong communication skills 

Obviously, it is important that bloggers can communicate with the audience they target.  Sharing knowledge, back and forth with colleagues is essential to the growth of the reader as well as the collective.  It is important to continuously develop these skills.


The bottom line


These are the characteristics that I believe make a master blogger.  I know that these are the skills that I work towards every day and want to embody.  The one thing that I know for sure is that my learning is nowhere near complete, and I can still grow.




Learning from you, what areas do you think I missed on this list?  I would love to hear your thoughts as I continue to grow.
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10 Secret Blogging Tips to Becoming a Master Blogger