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Digital Spark Marketing

Want to learn more about us? Seasoned business development, and marketing strategist with over 40 years experience developing and implementing business campaigns to drive companies vision and growth.

1141 Italia Court
Melbourne, Fl 32940

Here is some of our focus areas:

Business Development

Take tough and complex business development problems and turn them into easy to understand and memorable marketing campaigns.

Creative Marketing

Building copy and campaigns that get remembered and talked about by your customers.

customer focus
Exploring and continuous learning.

Social Media

Integrate multiple marketing channels to work as a cohesive strategy.

Customer Service

Customer service can be your most important marketing vehicle. Want to be remembered by more customers? Focus on your client service design.

Creativity and Innovation

It is not what you look for, it is what you find. In marketing. In customer service. In adapting to market changes.

If you are in need of help in your digital marketing, social media or customer service to be remembered and to produce more clients …


email: Mike@digitalsparkmarketing.com

alternatively, call Mike at 607-725-8240

Learn more about our creative marketing here.


You can learn more about Mike here:

Find Mike here
Find Mike here.

Mike Schoultz is the founder of Digital Spark Marketing, a digital marketing and customer service agency. With 40 years of business experience, he consults on and writes about topics to help improve the performance of small business. Find him on G+FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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